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Page 1 - Israel Index Page.

Welcome to KEEPERS' Israel Collection!  I'm glad you stopped to take a look.  There will be more than 1,000 photos in this category! I've been to Israel four times so far, and each visit was a great learning experience to actually see and travel to the places that are mentioned in the Bible and meet the people who live in the Land today! One of those adventures lasted more than a year, living in Jerusalem, studying Hebrew, and experiencing the seasons and holidays, (also the Gulf War, air raid sirens, incoming Scud missles and all!) ... In Israel, everywhere you go and everything you see brings to mind favorite Scripture verses and will make your understanding of certain biblical passages so much clearer. Throughout these Israel pages, I've noted Scripture verses that mention the locations in the photos, and it is my heart's desire that you will use this web site again and again to aid you in your Bible study to help you understand the geography of the Holy Land and picture in your mind the actual places where biblical events took place. Whether or not you've had an opportunity to visit Eretz Israel, I hope that the photos and descriptions I have to offer will help make God's Word "come alive" for you. Please give the photos some time to load, and in the meantime, browse through the descriptions and Scripture verses and be blessed!

Scripture Pictures:
These first 33 are available as framed "Scripture Pictures." You may also order any of these photos as unframed enlargements, or license them as digital images for publications. I hope you'll find a lovely photo that you'd like for yourself or to give as gifts to Christian, Jewish, or Messianic friends.

Page 2 - Scripture Pictures 1-10, Tower of David, Dome of the Spirit, Shema, Loaves and Fishes, Prayer in Cracks of Western Wall, Moonrise over the Sea of Galilee, Sunrise over the Dead Sea, Sunset at the Sea of Galilee, Western Wall Plaza, The Cardo.
Page 3 - Scripture Pictures 11-20,
Old City of Jerusalem, Banyas Waterfall, Ein Gedi Waterfall, Jerusalem viewed from Mount of Olives, The Arbel and Sea of Galilee, Acacia Tree in the Negev, Via Dolorosa, Wheat Field in Galilee, Caesarea Philipi, Mount of Olives.
Page 4 - Scripture Pictures 21-30
Pinnacle of the Temple, Reeds and the Dead Sea, Sunset at Tel Aviv, Counting Shekels, East Gate, Top of Ein Gedi Waterfall, Woman in a field in Galilee, Yom Zicharon at the Western Wall, Ibex at Ein Gedi Oasis, Jordan River.
Page 5 - Scripture Pictures 31-33 & Cards
Perfect Red Rose, Garden Tomb, Path through the Forest in Hula Valley.

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Maps & Diagrams: (This section not finished yet.)

6 - Map of Israel

7 - Map of Jerusalem

8 - Diagrams - Tels and Excavations

More Israel Photos:
These photos listed below are available as prints in the four enlargement sizes, or as digital images to license for publications. There are currently about 100 photos scattered across these pages. I will add more photos to various pages as I finish scanning and preparing the images for this web site. I hope to have more than 1,000 photos of Israel posted here by the end of 2004.

9 Jerusalem - Temple Mount, Western Wall (Wailing Wall), also model Temple

10 Jerusalem, South wall - Zion Gate, Dung Gate, south wall excavations

11 Jerusalem, East wall - Eastern Gate, Lion's Gate

12 Jerusalem, North wall - Herod's Gate, Damascus Gate, New Gate

13 Jerusalem, West wall - Jaffa Gate

14 Jerusalem - Ramparts

15 Jerusalem, Christian holy sites - Via Dolorosa, Calvary, Tombs, Mount of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane

16 Jerusalem Old City - The Cardo, St. James Armenian Church, St. Ann's church, Pools of Bethseda, Burnt House, Israel Tower Museum, Solomon's Quarry, Green Door Pizza

17 Jerusalem Old City, Jewish Quarter - Sign, Cardo, Hurvah Synagogue, courtyard, house, café, bougainvillea, Hezekiah's wall

18 Jerusalem, City of David - Spring of Gihon, Hezekiah's Tunnel, Pool of Siloam, Tower of Siloam, Kidron/Jehoshaphat Valley, Abu Tur, Valley of Hinnom/Gehenna, also Model City

19 Jerusalem New City - Ben Yehuda Street, Great Synagogue, Meah Sharim, Sanhedrin Tombs,, Huzot ha Yozer, Yemen Moshe, Windmill, Kenesset, Menorah, Hertzl's tomb

20 Israel Museum - Shrine of the Book

21 Mahane Yehuda market, soda bottles

22 Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial

23 Jerusalem, Holiday celebrations - Succot/Feast of Booths/Tabernacles, Pesach/Passover, Independence Day, Purim

24 Galilee - Sea of Galilee, Kibbutz Maagan, Mount of Beatitudes, Wadi Amud, Jordan River, Yardanit, White-washed tomb, Plain of Bethseda, Plain of Ginosar, 2000-year-old boat

25 Galilee (continued)

26 The Arbel

27 Galilee Towns: Capernaum, Hammat, Korazin, Kursi/Gergesa, Nazareth, Tel Susita/Hippos, Tiberias,

28 North & North East - Hula Valley, Golan, Banyas River, Casesarea Philippi, Montfort, also Lebanese border, Yarmuk River Valley & Jordan border

29 Mount Hermon

30 Nimrod Crusader Castle

31 Yehiam Fortress

32 North Central - Gibeon, Ayyalon Valley, Beth Horon, Mount Gerezim, Mount Ebol, Nablus, Jacob's well, Shechem, Dothan, Ein Herod, Nein, Mount Tabor, Mount Moreh, Nazareth, Cana, Tubas, Tirzah, Taibe/Ophra, Rimmon, Ein Herod, Mount Gilboa, Gan HaShloshah, Beth Shean, Beth Sharim, Mount Carmel

33 Jezreel Valley

34 Samaria

35 Megiddo

36 Belvoir Crusader Castle

37 Dead Sea - Qumran, Ein Gedi, Sodom & Gomorrah, Arabah

38 Masada

39 Coastal Plain - Haifa, Akko, Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Ashdod, Ashkalon, Gaza

40 Rosh Hanikrah

41 Casearea

42 South Central - Bethany, Bethphage, Bethlehem, Church of the Nativity, Rachel's Tomb, Beth Shemesh, Upper & Lower Bet Horon, Latrun, Macabee Tombs, Tel Gezer, Valley of Sorek, Elah Valley, Labyrinth caves/Maresha, Tel Lachish, Kibbutz Maale HaHamishah, Hebron, Shamua/Eshtamoa, Debir, Jifna/Gophna

43 South Central - continued

44 Herodian

45 Wilderness of Judah - Jericho, St. George Greek Monestary, national water carrier, Jordan Valley views, Hisham's Palace, Mount of Temptation

46 Negev - Arad, Acacia tree, Beersheva, Abraham's well, Cactus, Solomon's Pillars, Timnah Valley, Eilat, Hebron, Abraham's Tomb, Tomb of the Patriarchs, Ziglag, Brook Besor, Avdat, Ben Gurion's tomb, vineyards, camels, Egyptian border

47 Wilderness of Zin - Wadi Zin, Mount Hor, Ascent of Scorpions

48 Craters - Great Crater, Big Crater, Small Crater

49 Nabatean Cities - Shivtah, Nitzana, Mamshit

50 Military - Soldiers, tanks, Sharugai Pass, burned out convoy trucks, Har El, bunker at Al Magor, war monument near Kfar Hanassi, The Castel, half-tracks, IDF camps, border patrol, also national things like flags etc.

51 Flowers, Plants, & Trees

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